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Cleaning Services for Aged Care Centres and Nursing Homes in Sydney

KALLOZA provides exactly what you need for a cleaner, safer facility. Our business specialises in cleaning and maintenance services that exceed your expectations while meeting your budget. We set a high standard for our cleaning services for nursing homes, making sure your site is dust and germ free.

Our team is trained to carry out our services while complying with the Workplace Health and Safety laws in Australia. KALLOZA employs dependable cleaning staff who can provide you and your residents a comfortable and safe environment.

Respiratory ailments can be exacerbated in common spaces. Mould, dust and grime build-up coupled with unhygienic practices are often to blame. This is why rooms, toilets and dining spaces need to be kept clean at all times.

In nursing homes and elderly care institutions, sanitation is crucial. Maintaining cleanliness in shared facilities – especially where the aged are concerned – prevents the common cold and other infectious airborne diseases from spreading amongst residents, guests and staff. It is important to eliminate the health risks altogether with dependable and efficient cleaning solutions.


Serviced Facilities

We utilise extensive methods of cleaning that meet the requirements of our clients. Aside from nursing homes and care facilities for the aged, KALLOZA also services other institutions, such as:

Retirement Villages

Medical Centres

Medical Facilities


Our List of Services

Since professional cleaning solutions are at the heart of our business, KALLOZA’s wide range of cleaning services for elderly care centres in Sydney and beyond includes:

General cleaning

Kitchen cleaning



Preventative Maintenance

Dealing with infection control

Adherence to accreditation principles

Locations Covered

In Australia, KALLOZA is one of the leading providers of nursing home and aged care centres cleaning services. Sydney is our primary location but we also offer our cleaning services across other cities in the country. Be sure to contact us on 0498 210 102 to inquire about our availability in your city.

Entrust your cleaning requirements with KALLOZA. Give us a call today or reach us through our contact form for a free on-site cleaning audit.


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